Infrastructure Victoria

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Infrastructure Victoria is a statutory authority which provides independent and expert advice about Victoria’s current and future infrastructure needs and priorities to support improved social, economic and environmental outcomes for the State. The authority has complete independence and appropriate powers to support its role to provide trusted, evidence-based advice to government.

We have been lucky enough to be retained as Infrastructure Victoria’s designers for several years now. Recently we were commissioned to design their brand refresh, including style guide, templates and website update. The brief was somewhat open, with a new focus on people centric design. Previously the design had heavily focused on large infrastructure projects. This did not visually speak to the main business of Infrastructure Victoria, which is to research and give advice about the needs of every-day Victorians.

The new brand is made up of a range of inviting colours, organic shapes mixed with structural elements, supported by natural and man made textures. This complex set of elements is used in various combinations to visually support the research and ultimately help to tell the infrastructure stories necessary to effect change in Victoria.

Collateral designed in the new brand: Brochures, Posters, Pull-up Banners, Report Templates, Internal Posters, Social Media Sites, Stationery, Style Guide, Website, Annual Report 2018-19, Corporate Plan 2019-22, Growing Victoria’s Future, Annual Report 2020-21.