Creative Projects

Projects that stretch usual perceptions, demand altered perspectives and require boundaries to be pushed are welcomed and relished. We have had the opportunity to work on some unusual and playful projects, which have given us the chance to flex our creative muscles. For us this is the most satisfying part of our job. Invitations to work on unique and unexpected projects are embraced and encouraged.

Projects displayed: Securing Antartica’s Environmental Future (Annual Report), Melbourne Olympic Parks (Strategic Plan), Keep Victoria Beautiful (Love Local Stations campaign), Kind Folk (2018 Sauvignon Blanc created by a community of friends of Zig Zag Wines), OU Promotional Calendars 2018, School Building Authority (Document design), Department of Treasury and Finance (Rebrand concepts), Madam Frou Frou (Brand collateral), OZ Integrated (Website & logo design), Forensicare (Poetry book), Essential Services Commission (Document dividers & annual report), Victorian Local Government Association (Flyers), Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (Brand design, Pull up banner, promo cards).